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Preparing for An Exhibition and more

- while also looking for more work!


Except, its technically not just one exhibition, I am of course helping with the two upcoming Stroud Arts Cooperative exhibitions in September and October... and I'll be participating in the Art Fair... and setting up a rolling display at two local pubs. So keeping wonderfully busy as usual. So of course there are a few posters to share with you and dates to remember, I'll add them to a gallery below. But I would first like to offer you a "Save the Date" for my upcoming at Lansdown Hall & Gallery, Stroud.

As you have been following my recent posts here or on social media, you will have spotted my work for my newest collection. "I have built a collection that celebrates the beauty of each body. To encapsulate the preciousness of the forms that carry us through life. And to find a way to honor ourselves, especially in a society that encourages us to fit a particular style or look." Over the next few months, I will be continuing to build the collection ready to put together for my solo show. As I am still looking for muses you are welcome to contact me if you would like to be a part of the collection.

I would love for you to visit the exhibition and to experience my recent work. I love the conversations that exhibitions and presenting my work offer and I can't wait to see what this exhibition brings.


August Bank Holiday

In addition to all the exhibition announcements, I am very excited to announce that I have finally ironed out the kinks in my website shop build! So, in celebration of this, I am offering a discount code to anyone on my mailing list (new and already signed up). In the shop, you will be able to find original artwork, limited edition canvas and giclee prints, and smaller affordable items.

My goal is always to share the work that I do and make it accessible, so I hope that you fall in love with something within your personal budget. If you would like to support the work that I create without spending any of your hard-earned cash, please consider following and supporting on social media platforms, and via this website.

In other news, my hours at Lansdown Hall & Gallery have been extended to 10 hrs! This is very exciting and I can do so much more for the venue with the new contract. However, this is not a full-time position and with a few other freelance contracts coming to an end I am on the hunt again. In preparation for this, I have added two new pages to the website under "Services". Any help sharing or letting me know about upcoming opportunities would be gratefully received! The two portfolios show work I have done for Curation and Graphic Design, but I am also experienced in administration roles for arts venues and galleries. I have a CV prepped and ready to share!

As always, I can be contacted via the contact page and I would love to hear fr you. There is also the comments section below for you to share your thoughts. And I hope to see you at one of the upcoming events.

Love and best wishes, Jessy x

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