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Something Special

I have spent a lot of time recently looking over the commission options and bundles. I enjoy the creative challenge that comes from a unique commission. Where I must work to combine my creative style with the desires of the commissioner. So far I have worked on vehicle and portrait paintings for customers, ranging from gifts to personal collections. Although, my painting style could offer a lot of potential for commissions. A few of the subjects that I know would work well, would only work as commissions. Such as beloved locations, cherished pets, wedding photos, a favorite animal or vehicle. While the selection available in my shop grows each month, the best way to guarantee to get what you desire is through a commission.

So with the website updates, I have added a "booking feature", so that we can have a meeting to discuss your commission ideas. We will cover everything from the subject matter, to bonus bundles. Upon request, I can send images to update you on the progress of the commission. Extra's can include small items like cards, mugs, or prints. Or we could discuss the framing of the finished painting and delivery. As so much time goes into personalising your painting I like to make sure that they get to you safely, and before any important dates if the item is a gift.

Commissions can usually take a month or more to complete and I have one to two slots available. It is important to give as much notice as possible if there is a deadline for your commission.

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