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Each year I see the changes happening across my body. It feels like I need to reintroduce myself to my body each time. I have had discussions with friends and loved ones about our bodies, the changes, the good and the bad things we think about our bodies. And the perceptions we feel when looking at our bodies.

I wanted to build a collection that celebrates the diversity and beauty of our bodies. To encapsulate the preciousness of the forms that carry us through life. And to find a way to honor ourselves, especially in a society that encourages us to fit a particular style or look.

Painted with Golden Acrylic Paints and Culture Hustle's Blackest Black 3.0

I am... Gallery
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Would you like to celebrate your body? Become a muse for this new collection by submitting your details here.

In order to continue this body positivity collection, I need muses for each of the new paintings. It is really important to me that the paintings reflect the strong spirit and empowerment of the muse, so we will work together throughout the process. There are lots of options for how you model for the reference image and we will have a chat (either online or in-person) to discuss everything first. It is important that you feel comfortable throughout the process and always feel you can communicate your queries or concerns. By becoming a muse for this new collection I hope that you might feel new connections with your body, find inspiration and empowerment and have the opportunity to celebrate everything that makes you, you. 


In our initial meeting, we will discuss who will take the photo, myself or a trusted friend or loved one. I will be able to talk through all of the requirements of the photo. But more importantly, we can discuss potential poses, whether you might prefer to sit, stand or lie down, and if there are any parts of your body you would like to highlight. Equally, if anonymity is a concern we can plan a pose that does not show your full face. This will also give me an opportunity to get to know you, as the colours of the painting should reflect you. We can discuss what colour I might think represents you or you can offer options of colours that you think would be best. This will be an opportunity to be collaborative as you guide me through how you see yourself, and what helps you to feel empowered or comfortable. All informing the final painting. 

The paintings will be titled your first name or a name of your choice. Your details will only be stored while I create the painting  (unless you have agreed otherwise, eg for the newsletter subscription). All images will be deleted once the painting is completed.  Once you have seen the final painting I will ask for a statement beginning with "I am [Name]..." which will form part of the description, this will be your moment to add your voice to the collection. 


Tap the "Express Interest" button below for more information:

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