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Artist Statement

From 2019 onwards I have built two interwoven styles of practice. The first focuses on the "artists'" obsessive need to create. The Geometric Abstractions consist of a three-step process, starting with thousands of sketches. While creating I build arbitrary rules to restrict the designs. For example; not crossing lines, or lines having to cross one another. Only being able to use specific shapes. The more sketches I create the more the rules shift and change. Sometimes my mood will change the composition style or I have an idea of a particular look I want to achieve. This way of creating was born from losing my Grandad, who was also an artist and an inspiration to me. After his death, I struggled to paint. Especially with my usual vibrant colour palette. In desperation I decided to restrict what I could paint, starting with only simple shapes and the primary colours. Each time I wanted to push against the boundaries I had set myself I shifted the rules. Allowing me to slowly re-discover my creative spark. Now, each time I get a creative block I return to the Geometric Abstractions. There are currently thousands of sketches and colour tests. Plus over 200 in what I call the "official collection", which denotes that I see it as completed. The canvas compositions are chosen from the "official collection". Numbered for their position in the sequence of the collection.


Previously, I have struggled with the juxtapositional nature of the Geometric Abstractions. As they came from an emotional time in my life but have a monotonous process. Since the 2020 lockdown, I have started to share my thoughts more. Part of this has been through the newest style of practice. As the Geometric Abstractions helped to cement my visual language, I was then able to craft something more personal. Combining my photography and printmaking knowledge. I create paintings that include the silhouettes of the themes that inspire them. Starting with locations, I now explore a multitude of themes including vehicles, portraits, animals, and more.


The abstract/ photoreal silhouettes that I create thus far rely on a personal connection with the subject matter. Colourful compositions reflect a memory or emotional attachment. With the silhouette acting as a translation for the abstraction. Interestingly, commissions in this style shift towards the memories of the commissioner. Especially when there is a noticeable variation from my usual bright colour palette. This variation has intrigued me and so this year I began a new "wildlife series". I select the colour palettes from the markings of the creatures I paint. This is part of an attempt to diversify my palette and enhance my colour mixing/ matching skills. As well as an opportunity to learn more about British wildlife. A new interest since the pandemic had such an effect on their way of life as well as our own.

Last Updated Aug 2022

Exhibition space, colourful work, Jessy Plant

2022 - 2023

Colourful work, exhibitionspace, stonehenge

2019 - 2021


"I am..." Collection

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