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Chalford Bus Shelter

Life Along the Canal - Chalford in the early 1900s

Commissioned by Chalford Parish Council

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Created by Jessy Plant

Chalford and the surrounding areas have managed to protect so much of their architectural history. Whilst researching historic images for this project I realised how much I recognised and realised was still standing. This bus shelter is dedicated to a small slice of that history, capturing the memories of the area through the people inhabiting it. Of course to understand the beauty of the Golden Valleys we have to reflect on the people that have lived here as well as the landscape that has been shaped by them. They each have their own unique story to add to the images that have been taken of them. Each piece has been hand-painted, mostly because my artistic skill is the painted medium, but as I spent time with each section of the piece I found myself reflecting on the lives and stories of those that have gone before us. Although I cannot name the people here, or tell their stories in any written capacity, I can use my skills to show a small slice of life that can be a celebration of past generations. 


Wilf Merrett was the descendent of Stroud photographers the Merrett brothers. He collected the work of his family and other local photographers, depicting local people and places. Initially 2540 postcards and photographs were donated to the Museum in 2007, following Wilf’s death. In 2018 a further 985 postcards were donated. Many of the images can be viewed at the Museum in the Park on a scrolling digital display. Alternatively the collection can be viewed by appointment. For more information visit the website:


With thanks to

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Original images sourced from the Wilf Merrett Postcard Collection at Museum in the Park, Stroud, with credit to Peckhams of Stroud, Lilywhite Ltd and Cotswold Canal Trust.

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