My creativity was always something that I wanted to nuture, but it was my Grandad that knew I would take a path towards a creative career before I figured it out. He was an artist, who's studio I visited regularly, my brother and I were so lucky to be taught by him. We were encoraged in drawing painting and print making, a fantastic place to learn in. I didn't know it then but helping Grandad with his website, open studio's and exhibitons would become the perfect experience for my future.

Early in my education I followed a very traditionally acedemic path, despite my Dyslexia I always wanted to prove that I could sucessed in sciences, english and maths. However, these didn't feed my sould like painting and creating always has. The day I started my Art Foundation course and later my degree I knew I had made the right choice, but it was still early days for where this would take me career wise.

The next step of my journey was one that I took with my patner, Brendan. We had both grown up in differnet places but had met studying in Cardiff so we were looking for a place to call our home. We ended up landing in a Cotswold town - Stroud - and we have lived here so happily for amost 4 years. 

This is also where my career really started, I began voluntereeing for Lansdown Hall & Gallery. I started by looking after the gallery, and really from there all my confidence and expierence has spiralled. Even with the events of 2020 putting things on hold I have had opertunities that I could not have imagined back in 2017 or even before. 

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Experience & Education


Jessy Plant - Artist

Lansdown Hall & Gallery

Stroud Film Festival

Studio 18


Stroud Artist Cooperative

2019 - 2020

Jessy Plant - Artist

Lansdown Hall & Gallery

Stroud Film Festival

Studio 18

2018 - 2019

Jessy Plant - Artist

Lansdown Hall & Gallery

Museum in the Park

Stroud Film Festival

Studio 18

Stroud Festival

Prema Arts

2017 - 2018


This year I have put even more focus into being a full-time artist, this has included exhbitions and expanding the online shop. 

I have also been able to put time into helping set up the Stroud Artists Cooperative and continued to work with local arts organisations and artists.  

I spend more time focusing on my business, especially in 2020, unsurprisingly.

I use my experience to help local arts organisations but the pandemic brings a lot of my work to a grinding halt. I between lockdowns I curate two exhibitions, one solo and one group to try and help a small collection of local artists.

I become self-employed and begin my business. Plus I start working alongside many of the arts organisations in Stroud. My graphic design, web editing, and social media marketing experience expand.

I host my first solo exhibition and begin my experience as a curator, organising my first group exhibition that welcomes more artists to have the opportunity to show their artwork.

My partner and I focus on living together and we land in Stroud, Gloucestershire!

Over 4 years I completed my Art Foundation Diploma and BA Fine Arts Degree, earning 2:1 honors. 

2013 - 2017

Cardiff Metropolitan University 

Northbrook College