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New for March

This month has been very exciting as I have taken on a new role as Gallery Curator at Lansdown Hall & Gallery. This is set to be a more permanent position that I have been working towards for a few years. I want to do a whole post about it soon, offering a more in-depth view of the daily activities that I do to push forward in my creative career. Although the main goal is to be a full-time artist, the reality is that it will take a lot more for that to fully sustain me financially. So I decided to search for roles in creative careers that sustain my creative curiosity and help keep the rent paid. I found that I love the technician/ curation role in the gallery and I am so happy to now be able to develop that experience on a consistent basis. I look forward to writing more about the Curation role soon.

Red Kite

Last month I released the Red Kite painting and it was so well received the original sold within 4 hours. I have already been able to see the painting in its new home and honestly, it's this joy and appreciation for what I do that I really enjoy. I have already spoken to a few people about wanting the painting so I have added 5 limited edition canvas prints that will be the same size as the original. Limited edition prints will be coming soon once I work out some technical difficulties, more information below.


New - Barn Owl

I have been enjoying working through the sketches for the new wildlife series recently. The wonderful feedback I received about the Red Kite was mostly focused on the movement captured across the painting. This has led me to rework some of the sketches that I have created so far but I have kept the Barn Owl as a still statue, an ever-watching sentinel. As before all the colours that I have mixed for this painting are from in the colouring of the Barn Owl, as all the wildlife paintings will be. I can't wait to work on more of this series. Please comment below if there are any wildlife creatures that you would love to see in the collection!

Geometric Abstraction - #268

I am continuing to work on the Geometric Abstractions, and I have finished redrawing the whole collection digitally. This will allow me to work on the collection with a lot more freedom and speed. The files that I have set up allow me to get through each stage in the collection with clarity. Hopefully, this will allow me to talk through the process more in the future. Plus, the documentation of the collection, with over 2000 sketches and 200 drawings, meant I needed to track what I was working on so I don't get muddled up. I then use the sketches to create the canvas' and so I can now present for this month #268. A new 20x20cm canvas, which can be found here, if you desire to add it to your personal art collection.


Delay's to Shop opening

So I end this month's post with an update on the shop opening that was supposed to happen in January..... The hitch has been in streamlining the ordering processes. For example the Limited Edition prints. Well, that has not gone to plan, and while we continue to wait for/ maybe build our own integration to help with this process I have avoided adding all the paintings to the shop. Yet, over the weekend all the previous paintings will be back on the shop. This is not the "Full Launch I had planned, so when the prints drop in the shop I will send out an update, which will include a lovely discount code for you to enjoy. Make sure to sign up to the mailing list so that you don't miss out. And thank you for your patience!

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