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New for February

Alongside all the updates and new features (still more to be added very soon!) I have been putting plans in place for a more regular schedule for releasing new paintings. I will aim to publish a minimum of 2 paintings a month, or I will use this space to update you on new projects that I am working on. I invite you to add your thoughts and feedback to the comments section below.

Lastly, before you scroll through the updates I would like to add that the full shop will open next week, let me know if you would like to receive a reminder (and a bonus discount code) when it goes live.

Chalford Bus Shelter:

If you follow me on social media or have spoken to me in the last month you might have heard about this project already but I thought I'd add it in here as well just in case. I have completed my first public art commission! Chalford Parish Council were looking for a way to update the bus shelter and celebrate some of the local history of the area and the people that have lived here, it was decided that my silhouette style would be a creative way to achieve these goals. More information here.


Wildlife - Red Kite

Not just a new painting, but a new collection theme the Red Kite begins the Wildlife collection of the Memory Silhouettes. I haven't painted for myself for quite a few months, as I was focused on the commission above and website updates, but it seems that this break has given me lots of time to think and plan. If I had produced this painting 6 months ago it would have the same features as the Memory Silhouettes before it, in particular, the not-quite-black silhouette. I have always added colour from the painting into the silhouette paint but this time I thought I would try something completely new. With the Wildlife series, I have focused on mixing a colour palette that reflects the markings and tones of the animals themselves, and in addition, this is also extended to the colouring of the silhouette. For the Red Kite, this has resulted in a vibrant, and warm orange/red moving across the dusky backdrop.



Geometric Abstraction - #267

I took a break from creating new Geometric Abstraction pieces last year and instead focused on digitising the collection. While that process is still in progress as there are thousands of sketches to work through I have started completing canvas' again. When I started the collection I framed the sketches with the black outline and stretched the composition just past the frame, this was meant to give the impression that the composition was floating in the canvas. As an abstract painter I am not trying to depict life as it is, but to stretch the materials I use into something beyond defined reality, the canvas is as much a part of the forms and compositions as the paint, brushstrokes, and colours. The new year has brought forward some new ideas and thoughts about how I continue to grow the Geometric Abstractions. Firstly, I haven't added the black frame, and with that, I have stretched the composition to the edges. In addition, the composition will no longer float on the white canvas, I have decided to colour the edges of the canvas, I think this adds to the fun and the vibrancy of the compositions. My feeling is that I would like to consider these paintings would eventually get individual frames and I want to encourage that rather than adding a false frame, but with the right frame, the colourful sides can be just as much a part of the composition as the face of the canvas.

Jessy x

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