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Welcome to the monthly update! April this year has felt like a true "Spring", with lots of new things to share. Did you know I recently got a new job? Don't worry, all the usual content and paintings will be available. It is my passion to work in creative fields as well as being an independent artist. You are welcome to read all about it in the last post, available here. I'd also love to tell you all about a new painting collection that I have started working on. But first, did you spot the new printed items added to the shop?

This year I have expanded to include a limited selection of printed items available. So far I have offered "West Pier" but this month I have redesigned them to include a wider selection. These will only be available temporarily so I recommend grabbing your favorites. I'll be changing the designs every few months. As before, you can vote for the design you'd love to see directly from this product page:


A New Direction

While writing my new artist statement I had a few realisations that have guided me in a new direction. My fascination with materials has always been a key driving force in my practice. I was recently gifted two new paints; GOLDEN iridescent (pearl) & STUART SEMPLE'S Blackest black. These two paints set ideas in motion as I knew that I needed to use them for something special. As you know from previous posts, the silhouette paintings were born out of lockdown. In addition to gaining a new painting style, I also found that my body changed, as it did for quite a few. I have had to face loving myself in a new size and shape. And so I thought of creating a collection to celebrate body positivity.

Due to the personal nature of the project, I will be making the portfolio pages "members only". I want this project to be a little more hidden until I can exhibit them together. In addition to the gallery, I will also be adding a form so that you can offer to submit your own photo to be added to the collection. All information and photos will be deleted once the paintings are completed. I want the collection to be a true celebration of all bodies. Maybe even boost some people's confidence and show how beautiful our bodies are.

So onto materials, why use these paints for this project? My usual colourful designs are re-formed this time into a gem-like design. I wanted to continue the "precious" theme with the shine from the pearl paint. Then, as a pure contrast, the blackest black absorbs all the light and texture. Making the body the main subject and full focus of the painting, completely highlighted by the composition.

For context here are two photos, the first of the Eiffel Tower and the second from "Brendan". These two next to each other shows the difference between the two colours and textures that I usually use. For the silhouettes, I like to use colours from the composition. Let the whole piece be a unison of the colours, shapes, and silhouettes. But for this collection I want the subjects to command the canvas and demand attention.

I hope to show this collection at my upcoming exhibition in November. If you might know anyone who would be interested in taking part please direct them here. Where they can fill out the form on how to submit towards the collection.


Geometric Abstraction

Green is not a colour I use naturally. I tend to be drawn reds, pinks, oranges, and blues and I have seen a pattern forming when I select for the painting on canvas. But, as the collection is now in a digital format I now have the ability to let some things up to chance. This canvas' was chosen through random selection. I have loved the slow evolution of this collection. Since writing my new artist statement I have felt even more connected to the process. I find myself more clearly understanding why I am so drawn to this collection. As I get more comfortable writing about my creative practice it is my hope that I can find the words to continue to explain the evolution of my process.

Thank you for continuing to join me on my creative journey. I am excited to hear your thoughts about my new work!

Jessy x

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