The focus on my work stems from a desire to create Simple Beauty. 

I have spent years studying methods of composition and colour theory, developing my own creative practice. 

It is my belief that the art world has to much focus on telling its audiences what it should enjoy and why. My desire is that my simple beauties would give audiences the freedom of being able to create their own opinions. I love producing work, but I do not expect anyone to enjoy every single piece. All I ask is that you take time, just as you would take time to feed your body with food, your mind with books.

Art has always been to feed our souls. 

Currently showing work at Studio 18 

Open weekends between the 21st Sept and the 6th Oct 2019


Exhibition to support young artists (under 25) at the start of their creative journeys. A really exciting collection of work, I am honoured to be a part of the exhibition.


Video tour coming soon 

Event page

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