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This week has been incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking! For the first time ever one of my paintings was longlisted for an art prize. I submitted "Jessy" for the Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2022 a few weeks ago. Then this week they announced the longlist and then the shortlist. Although I wasn't selected for the shortlist this is the furthest I have ever got in an art prize process. And as I am proud to have got this far I thought I would share my application with you and launch the painting early.

Before that, I would like to share some information about some artists' exhibitions that I am helping with. During Site Festival (6th - 19th June in Stroud, Gloucestershire) this year I will be working on two exhibitions. The first is the Stroud Artists Cooperative summer exhibition. This is an open call event and we welcome artists to submit their work to be shown. We are extremely excited to be showing over the Site Festival weekend as we all celebrate the creative community of Stroud!

The week after Lansdown Hall & Gallery is showing postcard (up to A5) artworks, donated by local artists. This is a community event, with a silent auction to help raise funds for the big renovation work that is needed on the building. We have organised some amazing prizes for the Emerging and Established categories. So not only will artists be donating to help the continuation of Lansdown Hall. But could also be in with a chance of winning a prize! I will be getting more information on the website next week for this opportunity. But you can start sending in artwork to Lansdown from today!

In addition to these two, I am also currently working for SVA, with the production of the directory, and now helping with the Taster Exhibition. Making me very busy over the next few weeks, but all for fantastic things. I am so lucky and happy to be working again!

So onto my application for the Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painters prize. I have also added the painting to the portfolio page of my website, which you can access by becoming a member. When it comes to the painting and everything I wrote for the application I know that this is the best that I can produce right now. My hope is that this is just the beginning of the collection, it was such an awakening experience to create this and Brendan's painting. I want to share this experience with others, it feels liberating to see myself painted like this. If you are interested please let me know, there is an "Express interest" form on the portfolio page, or you can message me.

Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painters Prize Submission:

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