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Exhibitions at Lansdown Hall & Gallery

With a brand new collection of work nearly ready to show at Lansdown Hall & Gallery I thought I might look back at two of my previous exhibitions!

The first exhibition in 2019 was the first time that I had exhibited any of my work solo and it was such a shock to try and pull everything together. I had a clear idea of how I wanted the exhibition to be presented but I still had so much to learn about how to market my events. It was also a learning curve of trying to figure out how I can communicate my thoughts and ideas with audience members and I definitely wasn't very effective at this early stage. Hopefully, I'll have this down for the upcoming exhibition!

This was also before I had solidified the name for the Geometric Abstraction Collection and I am very glad I changed it after this exhibition, cos the title of the exhibition - in my mind - does not do the collection justice.


During the lockdown break of 2020 I was able to exhibit my new collection of work the Memory Silhouettes! I had really only just started this project and I had no idea where this new creative process was going to lead. Especially as I was very much still in the exploration of this style. Lake Vyrnwy was still in its original look before I updated it!

I had learned so much from the first exhibition but even for this, I found that I was improving on my presentation to audiences, especially with the mixture of Geometric Abstraction and Memory Silhouettes on display.

So armed with all that I have learned from these experiences I am now forging towards my latest exhibition with a whole new collection of work! This exhibition will focus on work from the Memory Silhouettes collection and I will even be painting a few portraits during the exhibition so that audiences can see the creative process live!

There is a Facebook event that you can join to hear about updates and see more information about the upcoming exhibition. Hope to see you there!

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