Combining abstract with reality. From statues to architecture finding a balance between vibrant colours the silhouettes 

Abstract artwork depicting a vibrant sunset and silhouette of a pier

Celebrating vehicle design and engineering , brilliantly framed by bold colour pallet selections.

Blue and red painting with a silhouette of a Ford Escort


Finding the emotional connections between a colour pallet and the person it represents.

Colourful abstraction with reds and blues with a portrait silhouetted


Geometric Abstraction

the collection celebrates the pleasure of the creative process and mediative painting

wall of abstract artwork. A rainbow of colours

Paintings never magically appear, so I thought I would share the digital sketches that I produce that help me plan out my next canvas. See one you like?

bold yellow and blue geometric shapes, Rijksmuseum silhouette

Digital Sketches

Celebrity Portraits

In order to keep practicing and improving the portraits that I can offer I produce celebrity portrait sketches. 

Silhouette portrait of Robin Williams

A new collection, still in exploration. Currently looking at the natural colour palettes of stunning British birds.

Abstract artwork with small bird silhouette


Digital sketches from my photography, specifically not images that focus on single focus subjects.

Cool blue colours and geometric shapes, harbour silhouette

Photography Edits

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