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Memory Silhouettes First Commission

Over the recent bank holiday weekend, I was able to deliver the second of a two-part commission that I began late last year. Before the email had come through I had been mainly focused on the architectural and portraiture subjects and had not yet considered what else could capture my focus for the Memory Silhouette process. The email is a prime example of why I believe that is always worth asking if you have an idea for your piece for your space. Just because I haven't done something doesn't mean that I won't and I do love a challenge.

So, to the commission; I was asked if it was possible to create a piece that showed off the customer's beautiful cars! This also marked the beginning of the vehicle collection as I discovered very quickly that I could enjoy and celebrate the beautiful designs of vehicle silhouettes, plus I didn't realise how much of a connection I felt that I had to these vehicles for me to compose the geometric colourful backgrounds. However, for this commission, I could feel the adoration for the cars and so I know that the colour composition for these pieces had to honour the cars.

We agreed on a final design that was so simple and elegant, it showed off the cars so beautifully! I was so happy to have been able to deliver the first, the Ford Escort to the customer last year, and the second piece this weekend. It will be so lovely when I can share an image of the two paintings together.

Are you curious about the commission process? I have a whole page dedicated to information about commissions here. Plus if you have any questions please email me.

All commissions start with an email, the more information you give the faster that the process goes. I will also need high-quality images of your subject so that I can produce good digital mock-ups before painting.

Once we have agreed on the final product I will send the non-refundable deposit invoice that will give me the budget to get the materials I need for your unique piece. I will send images throughout the process and will be videoing a timelapse so that you will be able to watch how your commission was created! There are a few bonus items that you can add on once the painting is completed, plus when the final invoice is paid I will happily hand deliver (within the UK) your unique commission to you.

Interested? Send over an email to start chatting, I look forward to hearing from you!

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