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I'm Back

June is the busiest month in my calendar! As I work on the Site Festival brochure, plus 3 exhibitions this year, I found that writing a blog and painting was just one thing too many. But after all that, and a little break, I am back!

So some updates are in order. Firstly, the exhibitions went really well, which is a massive relief. I failed at getting too many good photos so please check the credits for the images below. The SAC exhibition, and art fair, was a huge success with numbers. Plus the Postcard Exhibition had over 100 donations from local artists with £1000 raised for Lansdown Hall & Gallery We are now planning for the future, with another exhibition and fair booked for September. Plus I am now working towards my own exhibition in November.

In other news, I am applying for jobs again. I am hoping to find something that will be alongside being the Gallery Curator at Lansdown Hall & Gallery. So, I thought that I would add two new pages to the website (currently under construction) that will act as portfolio and testimonial pages for the Freelance work that I do in addition to being an artist. Over the last 3 years, I have worked with a variety of clients, on lots of different projects. I now have skills in Arts Administration for venues and galleries, Graphic Design, and Curation for exhibitions and Events. I'll keep you posted on when those pages are available, but in the meantime please contact me for more information or a copy of my CV.

"I am Seraphina, I am learning to find the Goddess within me."
New Muse for the "I am..." Collection

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