Portraits and Commissions

Looking for a personal piece for your home or office? On the hunt for a unique gift? Have a browse through my portraits and commissions and get in contact for more information.


When creating paintings of my loved ones I consider the colours that I see in them. The emotional connection to that person is so important to getting the colour palette and composition correct.

If you are thinking about enquiring about a commissioning a portrait please also consider the colour palette that you might like to be used. I can't guarantee the use of the whole palette but it gives me a good starting point.


Thanks to a recent commission I have recently started to expand into vehicles.

Digital Portaits

I first started producing these as a test as I wanted to expand my range. Since the Angel of Peace painting the style has changed considerably. All of my pieces have either a digital or physical test version as you can see in the other galleries on this page, where I show painting plans that I have not created a final painting for yet.

Contact Me:

For purchasing information or commission requests you can contact me using the form below. 

I look forward to hearing from you!